We here at Paws n Boots LLC pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing our own dog products. We aim to supply, not only dogs but also dog parents, with all the necessary products, tools, and tips to enhance the dog owning experience! 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide pet owners and pet parents with only the highest quality, organic, and natural products for their furry friends. We believe that our pets deserve the very best, and we know you value your dog just as much as any loved family member. Your fur-baby is important to not just you, but to us as well. We welcome you and your furry companion to be a part of our extended family; we are committed to delivering products that are both safe, fun, and effective!

We source our materials carefully, using only the finest organic and natural materials whenever possible. Our shoes are handcrafted by skilled artisans right here in the USA, ensuring that each pair is made with the utmost care and attention to detail, with strict quality control measures. We do not sell anything that we wouldn’t use on our own dogs!

anthony and taylor with their dogs paws playing in grass

Organic and non-toxic ingredients

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Animal Cruelty-free

certified by PETA and the Leaping Bunny program

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Dog parent approved

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Proudly handmade in America

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Our Commitment to Quality does not stop at Our products – we're also Dedicated to providing Exceptional Customer Service!

We believe that our customers are part of our family, and we go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are happy with their purchases and satisfied with our service!

Above all, our goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of pets and their owners. We believe that our products can help promote health, happiness, and wellbeing for pets and their families, and we are proud to be a part of that mission. Everything we make for our community, is a product that we believe in, trust, and use on our own dogs! 

Every Dog is special, so why not show them just how special they are to you. Pamper, spoil, adore, and especially; cherish your fur-child, and give them the life they deserve, with PawsnBoots!

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Meet Our Paw-some Team!

Anthony with his dog Courage


CEO Dog Dad

Hello! I am Anthony the founder of PawsnBoots - with the aid of my significant other Taylor

The start of this journey started in 2020, where I was an Intensive Care Nurse, in New Jersey for about a decade.  I contracted COVID-19 in March 2020, where I wound up developing parosmia (altered sense of smell) for two years.  Everything smelled and tasted like rotten fish, I developed severe anorexia; causing me to lose over 60lbs and experienced my first episode of severe MDD or Major Depression.  2020 was a very trying year, but it enabled me to become a traveling ICU nurse, where Taylor and I were fortunate enough to drive through and see the whole country four times.  We landed in San Diego California, where we not only fell in love with the area, but it also served as an inspiration for creating PawsnBoots. 

The true inspiration behind our company; however, is my English Cream Golden Retriever, Courage.  When I would come home after a horrible shift, Courage would greet me with a stuffed animal in her mouth.  As well, her tail wagging with her entire body, crying and whining in excitement, and leaping for me.  This became our routine and helped me tremendously to help get me through my darkest days.  Every time, she does it, it melts my heart and brings me all the Serotonin.  I soon realized that working In the hospital was a major source of my depression; so, in summer of 2022, I completely left the medical field and was all in on PawsnBoots. 

Then, September 1, 2023, my poor Courage was diagnosed with a Mast-Cell Tumor of her front-left-outer toe, leading to the amputation of said toe.  However, and thankfully, after the amputation, Courage is free of Cancer; the tumor was low grade and did not spread.  These days, you will find me working on this company, and the best part, is my courageous and cancer-free Dog Courage, works by my side the whole time. Win-Win!


Co-CEO Dog Mom

Hello! I am Taylor - as well as the other half of PawsnBoots

I share a similar story to Anthony, as we both worked together in the hospital; however, I worked in the PCU and the chemo-oncology unit.  My dogs Luna and Cash served as my inspiration for starting this journey; they are such sweet dogs, and their happiness is my happiness.  The COVID-19 pandemic, as well, took a tremendous toll on me, I was stressed and overwhelmed on a daily basis.  However, when I came home to my pups, all my worries would seem to melt away.  

So, immersing myself into our Dog company was an easy decision for me, and I haven’t looked back yet!  Knowing I am able to provide my Dogs with the love and care I always wanted, brings me so much joy.  Despite my hyper-mobility diagnosis, and chronic pain syndromes, the Dogs keep me young and joyful; knowing they are happy, keeps me happy! 

While I still work as a nurse doing infusions these days, you can mostly find me working on our company, with my dogs Luna, Cash and Courage at my feet!

Courage Chief Canine Officer


CCO (Chief Canine Officer)

Courage, is our English Cream Golden Retriever, she is the most intelligent and docile dog of the bunch, with a heart of gold.  She is a spoiled ball of love, and the clear leader of the pack.  She is responsible for maintaining the industry standards on all Paw-ducts.

  • Likes

    The beach, water, walks and hiking, anything soft, watching TV, squirrels, bunnies

  • Dislikes

    Cats, cancer

  • Fun Facts

    Born on Christmas morning; Drools only when too excited or gazing at plates of food; Loves watching TV more than any dog I have ever seen


BM (Bark-eting Manager)

Cash, is our lone boy dog, and a Pomeranian-Chihuahua.  Referred to as “the devil child” because he is prone to causing mischief, and one of the quickest dogs you’ve ever seen.  When he is not busy causing mayhem, you can usually find Cash laying in the sun.  He is responsible for keeping the work environment upbeat and lively, and to raise awareness for goods and services.

  • Likes

    Running, meeting new people and pups; Sitting directly on you

  • Dislikes

    German Shepherds, vacuums

  • Fun Facts

    Cash is a long-haired Pom-chi; Complete unawareness of the phrase “Personal Space”

Luna Head of Pup-lick Relations


HPR (Head of Pup-lick Relations)

Luna, is our Maltese-poodle, you can spot her by the the fashionable bowties in her fur.  She is an old soul at heart, in fact, we call her “Grandma” mostly because of her slow demeanor.  However, she is quick to voice her opinions about whoever walks in through the door.  Luna is a crowd pleaser and quick to roll over for a belly rub.  Her job is to promote the business and evaluates our PR strategies.

  • Likes

    Any and all attention, sunbathing, squirrels

  • Dislikes

    Loud noises

  • Fun Facts

    Despite her black fur, she loves laying directly in the hot sun, all day